Our team

Dr. Muzammil Anzer, director of Gmm Human care Pvt. Ltd is an illustrious pain and spine physician. He is well known entrepreneur in many parts of globe. running multiple businesses. He has a hands-on experience as an insightful, focused and tactical planner in presiding over, managing and promoting the export of bulk drugs, generic medicines and pharmaceutical disposables. He is currently responsible for managing and providing professional support to Gmm Human Care Pvt. Ltd, S.B.M charitable trust that works all over India. In addition, he is the chair for gift an organ chapter in Young Indians, a wing of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and director of (CITD) Concil for industrial And trade Devolpment.

Dr. Muzammil Anzer’s passion for up-to-the-minute research and technology is amalgamated with a dedication to offering opportunity and skills to today’s youth. He has landed coverage in both broadcast and print outlets and featured in various inspirational and educational talks in conferences, national shows as well as international shows. His proficiency is further exhibited by the captivating, engrossing and educative daily newspapers, journals and articles he has written and published.

Dr. Muzammil Anzer has secured several awards for his outstanding work. He is the recipient of the Best Doctor 2014 award and the Hym 2015 award and he has also awarded “times power men award” from times of india. He is currently a member of World Institute of Pain and Telemedicine Association of India.