About Us

The idea of providing the benefits of modern healthcare to the mankind at affordable price.Today it has grown into one of the most dynamically versatile Manufacturers exporters and traders of medical and surgical products globally with more the 100 different products. Working with our customers, we identify solutions that provide the best possible results for both physicians and patients.We are the wholesale and leading suppliers to many government and non government organisations and industries.
Our company deals in 4 major areas
1. Generic medicines
2. Generic injectables
3. Medical Disposables and consumables
4. Healthcare Machines

Highly trained & experienced personnel The biggest asset is its committed, well trained and technically competent manpower. Knowledge and Skill is being enhanced by imparting regular training to improve process capabilities and consistency in quality of products. The core team is highly qualified, experienced and motivated which provides guidance and support. The Company is committed to offer highest quality products and selling its product in USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal. Human Care Medical and Surgical supplies strives hard to establish new standards with new products and win new customers around the world with professionalism, reputation and high quality standards.